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Rock & Metal Jam Loopz (+35 extra free)

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Jam Loopz

Jam Loopz   is a new professional jam track program designed to make practicing your instrument fun, simple and effective. It comes packaged with short loops of audio designed specifically to enhance your practice, to make the most out of your time. Improve your improvisation and song-writing skills, or practice exercises with the feel of a full band behind you, Jam Loopz can help take you to the next level by making practice fun again. Much like a backing track, these Jam Loopz contain all the background music for you to add the tune yourself, however the loops go on and on forever, until YOU decide you are finished. Whether you play guitar, saxophone or sing, and whether you like pop, hip hop or heavy metal, you can find an album of loops to suit your needs.


Easily navigate from album to album - the program comes complete with 35 loopz for free, in addition to any audio you purchase. The program displays the Key and chord progressions (where applicable) to help you improvise and create your own songs. Pick any of the tracks and it will play instantly and infinitely until you click stop.

Now if you want to work on writing a song, you can pick one with the same chord sequence and hear what it will sound like, lay down some riffs and licks or a guitar solo to hear what it will sound like. If you want to work on your improvisation skills then select a track and jam away to your hearts content, for as long as you want to - why let the structure of jam track restrict your ideas just as you are getting into the flow?

With Jam Loopz you can experiment with your ideas for as long as you want, once you have a loop you like there is no need to change track, rewind, or mess about with anything else - Jam Loopz keeps things simple so you can concentrate on what's important - your music!

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

This bundle includes 25 Hard Rock loopz and 20 Heavy Metal loopz, check out the samples above! Don't forget the software comes with 35 loopz by default, so this package includes 80 loopz in total.

Want more? No Problem

There are tons of different albums of Jam Loopz to download, covering a vast array of music styles, all for low prices you wouldn't believe.

If all you want is a drum beat to play along with, there are plenty of samples like this:

Why spend lots of money on backing tracks with limiting structures when you can get a plethora of Jam Loopz at a tiny fraction of the cost?

Jam Loopz Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Bundle - 80 Loopz for $12.95!

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 January, 2012.

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