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66 Licks: Guitar Solo Generator (with millions to learn!)

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This solo was created by RANDOMLY picking from a series of 1-second guitar sections, and adding them together...


This tool features a whole bunch of short, loopable guitar bites,  recorded in the same key. Each 'lick' is easy to learn, and perfect on its own to add to your arsenal of killer licks. But if you add them together - they will flow together in any order, making it easy to learn to build longer phrases, and help you to become a better guitarist. CREATE YOUR OWN GUITAR SOLOS using the licks provided, and then learn to play them!

This weapon will:

- locate weaknesses in your playing
- identify improvisation ability
- increase improvisation skills and boost arsenal of ideas
- provide plenty of ammo to get your creative juices flowing
- provide 66 'building block' licks you can use in your own playing (millions of different combinations!)
- provide a utility where you can use these building blocks to create your own monster solo, and then learn to play it
- equally satisfy needs of novice, intermediate and advanced guitarists

How it works:

Thanks to the program's incredible and simple design, using the program is a breeze, even a monkey could operate this technology! Clicking any of the lick numbers (a lick is a short passage of notes) will add that lick to the playlist. Hit play, and you will hear what the lick sounds like, and be presented with the tabulature so you can see how it is played, and then play along with the audio until you have it mastered.


66 Licks comes complete with 4 x 66 lick sets covering a range of guitar styles, from rock blues to metal...

 + expandable to more!

More than just disposable licks...

The program explains how to

    a) apply these licks to real life, increasing your improvisation skills


    b) add licks together to build solos, unlocking your creativity


    c) learn how to play the licks, increasing your technical ability


    d) create your own guitar solos and learn how to play them


There is also a whole range of example tracks demonstrating how you can create huge solos simply using the licks provided.




Here are some more 'example solos' like the one at the top, which you can build with this software, then listen to, and then learn to play. Notice how the guitar solos sound TOTALLY NATURAL, and using this program you can easily build solos just like these and learn to play and use them yourself!


ROCK BLUES example solo




HOT LICKS example solo


ROCK MAJOR example solo

Once you install the software, simply run the program and you are presented with a simple interface. Select the licks you want to listen to and hit play. Once you have found some you like, you can learn to play them, and then play along with the audio to perfect your technique and timing. Then you can play around adding multiple licks to the queue, and construct a long flowing series of licks - and hey presto - you have just built a guitar solo! All the licks are in the same key, and have been recorded specially to flow in almost any order.

You can use these licks individually and add them to your arsenal of ideas to chuck in to your jam sessions, or you can use some of them for writing your own material. But the best bit about this program is that you get an idea of how to create guitar solos by splitting it up into smaller sections. This is an invaluable opportunity, as 66 Licks gives you the tools that no other program can on the market today.


The licks are so simple to learn, and broken into 3 difficulties to cater for everyones needs - and even if you are an advanced player, the easy licks are still worth learning. You can learn a new lick and be able to play it within 1 minute, so just think, 5 minutes from now you could have bought this, downloaded it, and learned 3 new licks already. Imagine what you can do in an hour!

Another great thing - all the time there will new audio sets available for you to 'add-on' giving you more ideas and new licks to learn from the worlds top guitarists. 

Up until recently, we charged $49.99 for the program with just ONE audio set (this has 4), and $19.99 for each additional audio set, but for a limited time only, anyone purchasing 66 Licks will get all 4 audio sets, and ALL FUTURE sets FREE for life!

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