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Author/InstructorLesson TitleTopics / Keywords
2117 Milan Polak   Harmonic Minor (Part 2) General, Theory, Basics
2116 Milan Polak   Harmonic Minor (Part 1) General, Theory, Basics
2113 Milan Polak   Improvising with Intervals Basics, Theory, General
2111 John Taylor   Using 7th Chords in a Metal Setting General, Theory, Basics
2105 Randall Padilla   C# Diminished Lick & Theory Explanation Theory, Licks
2101 Don Parkhurst   Learn the Notes on the Fretboard (pt 2) General, Theory, Basics
2099 Don Parkhurst   Learn the Notes on the Fretboard Basics, Theory, General
2094 Don Parkhurst   Skeletons in Your Closet General, Theory, Basics
2067 Randall Padilla   Life is About Changes - Play Them! General, Theory
2064 Joe Pinnavaia   Micro Practicing - The Art of Breaking Things Down Theory, Basics
2056 Randall Padilla   C Ionian Lick and How To Use It Licks, General, Theory
1947 Tom Hess   Mindless Exercises - To Practice or Not To Practice? Theory, General, Shred 101
1926 Tom Hess   Practicing Guitar Basics, Theory
1925 Tom Hess   The Pursuit of a Record Deal Theory, General
2033 Zack Uidl   Successfully Using Arpeggio Inversions Theory, General
2025 T. D. Clark   How to Make a Career Playing Guitar (Part 1) Basics, Theory, General
2022 T. D. Clark   How to Make a Career Playing Guitar (Part 2) Basics, Theory, General
2010 Fredrik Pihl   How Do I Write A Good Song? Basics, Theory, General
2005 Sven Stichter   Symmetrical Senselessness Hysterically Harmonized Theory, Techniques, Advanced
2004 Tim Douglas   Song Writing and Musicality Theory, General, Shred 101
2002 Vaughan Egan   Triad Construction Basics, Theory
1995 Jon Bjork   Improving Your Technique with Accents Techniques, Theory, General
1988 Paul Tauterouff   Pentamodal Idea Theory, General
1987 Mike Ridenour   Pentatonic Options Over Modal Chord Progressions Theory, General, Shred 101



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