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Author/InstructorLesson TitleTopics / Keywords
2127 Daniel Owen   Legato Diminished Lick Licks, Legato, Advanced
2107 Roo   Paul Gilbert Style Lick Licks, Techniques, Legato, Shred 101
2015 Fredrik Pihl   Arpeggidiot Tapping, Legato, Advanced, Techniques
2012 Fredrik Pihl   Crazy Tapping Arpeggios Tapping, Legato, Advanced, Techniques
1994 Karl F.   Hybrid Legatos Legato, Techniques, Shred 101
1954 Kris Barras   Legato Lick Licks, Legato, Advanced, Shred 101
1896 Matt Hale   Legato Licks Licks, Legato



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