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Author/InstructorLesson TitleTopics / Keywords
1955 Kris Barras   Sweep Picking Lick Licks, Techniques, Shred 101
1954 Kris Barras   Legato Lick Licks, Legato, Advanced, Shred 101
1953 Kris Barras   Melodic Arpeggios Licks, Techniques, Shred 101
1952 Tim Gibson   So What Do I Do Now? General
1951 Tom Hess   How to Become a Professional Guitarist & Musician - Part 3 Basics, Theory, General
1950 Mike Philippov   Self Reliance General
1949 Mike Philippov   Alternate Vs. Directional Picking Techniques, Theory, General
1948 Mike Philippov   Measuring your Progress General
1946 Tom Hess   Top Secrets of Common Sense (pt2) Basics, Theory, General
1945 Mike Philippov   Misconceptions of Practicing for Speed Theory, General, Shred 101
1944 Angel Zamora   Rules of Shredding - Fact of Fiction? Theory, General, Shred 101
1943 Nick Layton   Achieving Focus with your Practice Time (pt2) Basics, Theory, General
1942 Mike Philippov   Overcoming Frustration Theory, General
1941 Mike Philippov   Problems that Plague Advanced Guitarists General, Advanced
1940 Tom Hess   How to Practice for Maximum Speed (pt2) Theory, General, Shred 101
1938 Angel Zamora   Shred Vs. Shred Theory, General, Shred 101
1937 Tom Hess   How to Become a Professional Guitarist & Musician (pt1) General
1935 Darren Shahinian   Taking your Speed/Phrasing to the Next Level Theory, General, Shred 101
1934 Mario Amengual   The Man Who Thinks he Can Basics, General
1933 Orest Dziatyk   Practice Habits Basics, Theory, General
1932 Tom Hess   How to Practice Guitar with Limited Time Basics, General
1931 Tom Hess   How to Improve Your Guitar Technique (pt1) Techniques, Theory, General
1928 Tom Hess   Get More from your Guitar Practice Basics, General
1924 Tom Hess   How to Make a Great Guitar Solo Basics, Theory, General, Shred 101



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