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Author/InstructorLesson TitleTopics / Keywords
1981 Karl F.   Super Picking Licks, Alternate Picking, Shred 101
1980 Erik Stewart   Putting Theory on the Neck - Scales & Modes Theory, General
1979 Brev Sullivan   One-Note Lesson Techniques, Shred 101, General
1978 Jonas Hornqvist   Octave Technique Lesson Techniques, General
1977 Katrina Johansson   Beginning Sweep Picking Exercise Basics, Sweep Picking, Shred 101
1976 Lee Carlson   Music of the Mind - Part 2 Theory, General
1975 Riff Sorce   5-String Arpeggios and Sweep Picking Licks, Sweep Picking, Shred 101
1974 Kole   The Beginners Mind Basics, Theory, General
1972 Nick Kellie   II V I Madness Theory, General, Techniques
1971 Ludovico Reale   String Skipping Exercise Licks, Techniques, Advanced
1970 Jean-Do Leonelli   Pentatonic Licks Licks, Techniques, Shred 101
1969 Erik Stewart   A Few Insights on Composition General
1967 Dave Cardwell   Arpeggio Inversion Voice Leading General, Theory, Advanced
1966 Riff Sorce   The INcredible Musician General
1965 Michael Orlando   String Skipping Lick Licks, Techniques
1964 Adam Ironside   Modifying Arpeggios to Add Melody Techniques, Shred 101, Sweep Picking
1963 Paco Hernandez   Colouring the Shred - Sweep Picking Licks, Sweep Picking, Advanced
1962 Matt Pocock   Sweep Picking 7th Arpeggios Licks, Sweep Picking, Shred 101
1961 Ponco Satrio   Arpeggio Lick 2 Licks, Techniques
1960 Mike Ridenour   Modal Fingerings & Chord Matrix Theory, Shred 101
1959 German Schauss   String Skipping Ideas Licks, General, Techniques
1958 Ponco Satrio   Arpeggio Lick 1 Licks, Techniques, Advanced
1957 Dean Cascione   Neo-Classical Arpeggio Licks, Shred 101
1956 Dean Cascione   Trills Combination Techniques, Shred 101



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