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Author/InstructorLesson TitleTopics / Keywords
2005 Sven Stichter   Symmetrical Senselessness Hysterically Harmonized Theory, Techniques, Advanced
2004 Tim Douglas   Song Writing and Musicality Theory, General, Shred 101
2003 Zack Kim   Dear Tiesto Licks, General, Advanced
2002 Vaughan Egan   Triad Construction Basics, Theory
2001 Will Schut   3 Shred Lessons Shred 101, General
2000 Sam Hasting   Language in Composition General
1999 Thomas Schink   Tools of Shred - String Skipping Licks, Techniques, Shred 101
1998 Zack Kim   Introduction to Touch-Style Tapping Techniques, Shred 101
1997 Zack Kim   Final Fantasy Licks, General, Advanced
1996 Zack Kim   Mario Theme Tune Licks, General, Advanced
1995 Jon Bjork   Improving Your Technique with Accents Techniques, Theory, General
1994 Karl F.   Hybrid Legatos Legato, Techniques, Shred 101
1993 Mario Gorito   4 Technique Exercises Licks, Shred 101, Techniques
1992 Lee Carlson   A Lesson on Accuracy Techniques, Shred 101, General
1991 Lee Carlson   Music of the Mind - Part 1 Basics, General
1990 Kole   Artist Awareness Basics, General
1989 Jeff Treadwell   Vibrato Basics, General
1988 Paul Tauterouff   Pentamodal Idea Theory, General
1987 Mike Ridenour   Pentatonic Options Over Modal Chord Progressions Theory, General, Shred 101
1986 Kole   Blues Lick Licks
1985 David Tan   Power Chords Basics, General
1984 Brev Sullivan   Intervallic String Skipping Lesson Techniques, Shred 101, General
1983 Nick Kellie   Steve Vai Style General
1982 Mario Gorito   Circle of Fifths Basics, Theory



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