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Author/InstructorLesson TitleTopics / Keywords
2033 Zack Uidl   Successfully Using Arpeggio Inversions Theory, General
2031 Tony Smotherman   Diminished Idea Licks, Techniques
2030 Tony Smotherman   Chicken Picken Arpeggios Licks, Advanced
2029 Tony Smotherman   Pentatonic/Octaves Idea Techniques, Shred 101
2028 Tony Smotherman   Tapping Warble Licks, Tapping, Techniques, Advanced
2026 David Shankle   Insane Lick Licks, Advanced
2025 T. D. Clark   How to Make a Career Playing Guitar (Part 1) Basics, Theory, General
2024 T. D. Clark   Diminished Exercise Licks, Techniques, Alternate Picking
2023 T. D. Clark   Shredabilly Arpeggios Licks, Sweep Picking, Advanced
2022 T. D. Clark   How to Make a Career Playing Guitar (Part 2) Basics, Theory, General
2021 T. D. Clark   Skipping Stones Lick Licks, Techniques, Advanced
2020 Joe Stump   Neo-Classical Guitar 3 DVD Trailer Promo
2019 Joe Stump   Neo-Classical Guitar 2 DVD Trailer Promo
2016 Tony Lloret   Hybrid Picking Lick Licks, Advanced
2015 Fredrik Pihl   Arpeggidiot Tapping, Legato, Advanced, Techniques
2014 Fredrik Pihl   The Finger Twister - Sweeping Exercise Licks, Advanced, Techniques, Sweep Picking
2013 Fredrik Pihl   Quintuplet Picking Lesson Licks, Advanced
2012 Fredrik Pihl   Crazy Tapping Arpeggios Tapping, Legato, Advanced, Techniques
2011 Fredrik Pihl   Now you C me, Now you Dont Shred 101, General
2010 Fredrik Pihl   How Do I Write A Good Song? Basics, Theory, General
2009 Roo   Sweep Picking Lesson Licks, Techniques, Advanced
2008 Roo   Mini Canon Sweeping Lesson Sweep Picking, General, Shred 101
2007 Roo   Switching Rhythm to Lead Guitar Shred 101, General, Techniques, Advanced
2006 Roo   Tapping Lesson Licks, Tapping, Advanced



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