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Author/InstructorLesson TitleTopics / Keywords
2106 Randall Padilla   How to Re-string a Floyd Rose Tremolo System General, Basics
2105 Randall Padilla   C# Diminished Lick & Theory Explanation Theory, Licks
2104 Derryl Gabel   Improvisation Series 1 General
2103 Derryl Gabel   Sus Arpeggio Sequences Licks, Sweep Picking
2102 Randall Padilla   Dm Arpeggio (Used In Context) Licks, Sweep Picking, Tapping
2101 Don Parkhurst   Learn the Notes on the Fretboard (pt 2) General, Theory, Basics
2100 Rahul Mukerji   2-Hand Tapping Study (Pt 2) Tapping, Shred 101, Techniques
2099 Don Parkhurst   Learn the Notes on the Fretboard Basics, Theory, General
2098 Shane Gibson   'Doooosh' Arpeggios Licks, Advanced
2097 Daniel Owen   Speed Picking Arpeggios Sweep Picking, Advanced, Shred 101
2096 Rahul Mukerji   2-Hand Tapping Study (Pt 1) Tapping, Shred 101, Techniques
2095 Randall Padilla   D Mixolydian Modal Arpeggio General, Licks
2094 Don Parkhurst   Skeletons in Your Closet General, Theory, Basics
2093 Roo   Shred Riff Licks, Advanced, Techniques
2092 Roo   Shred Riff VIP Sample Promo
2091 Fredrik Pihl   "The Twelth Night" Licks Licks, Advanced
2090 Zack Uidl   Q&A Episode #10 General
2082 Roo   Heat Licks
2081 Randall Padilla   Single String Speed Development Shred 101
2080 Shane Gibson   Acoustic Fire Licks, Advanced, Techniques
2079 Shane Gibson   Econo-Sweepy Sweep Picking, Shred 101
2078 Shane Gibson   Rhythmic Tapping Tapping, Shred 101
2077 Shane Gibson   Glitch Picking Techniques
2075 Mike Campese   Carol of the Bells (Part 1) Licks



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