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Author/InstructorLesson TitleTopics / Keywords
2130 Rahul Mukerji   Acoustic Tapping/Slapping Technique Techniques
2129 Roo   Shred Groove Lick Licks, Advanced, Shred 101, Techniques
2128 Daniel Owen   Tapping Shred Lick Techniques, Advanced, Tapping
2127 Daniel Owen   Legato Diminished Lick Licks, Legato, Advanced
2126 Henri Aalto   Yngwie Malmsteen Style Lick Licks, Shred 101
2125 Shane Gibson   Ducks in a Pond Techniques, Advanced, Sweep Picking, Tapping
2124 Rahul Mukerji   2-Hand Tapping Study (Pt 3) Tapping, Shred 101, Techniques
2123 Daniel Owen   Sweep Picking & String Skipping Lick Sweep Picking, Advanced, Shred 101
2122 Demi Barbito   Advanced Minor General
2121 Milan Polak   World's Longest Arpeggio Sweep Picking, Shred 101, Techniques
2120 Milan Polak   Betcha Can't Play This! Tapping, Shred 101, Techniques
2119 Demi Barbito   Shred Pentatonic Lick Shred 101, Basics, Licks
2118 Tony Waka   Rock Guitar Solo - Performance & Instruction Licks, Advanced, Shred 101, Techniques
2117 Milan Polak   Harmonic Minor (Part 2) General, Theory, Basics
2116 Milan Polak   Harmonic Minor (Part 1) General, Theory, Basics
2115 John Taylor   7th Chord Sweep Arpeggios Sweep Picking, Shred 101, Techniques
2114 Roo   Creative Riffing General, Shred 101
2113 Milan Polak   Improvising with Intervals Basics, Theory, General
2112 Demi Barbito   Ulrich Roth Style Diminished Run Licks, Shred 101
2111 John Taylor   Using 7th Chords in a Metal Setting General, Theory, Basics
2110 Derryl Gabel   Improvisation Series 2 General
2109 Zack Uidl   Q&A Episode #11 General
2108 Shane Gibson   Circular Picking Techniques, Advanced, Sweep Picking
2107 Roo   Paul Gilbert Style Lick Licks, Techniques, Legato, Shred 101



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