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Paul Gilbert Style Lick

By Roo


Here's a flashy lick, (a Paul Gilbert mood maybe) that is interesting to include in some of your guitar leads or as a legato exercise. The lick is based on the D blues scale and is built to sound over chord progressions based on D. The idea of playing those fast passing notes comes from the difficulties of playing the blues scale very fast with 2 notes + 3notes / strings.

If you look closely, everything here is very symmetrical which allows you to perform without having to think a lot, a bit like a "reflex lick". No tricky notes to memorize.

The first line:
Just spot the D note (10th fret E string). (The square note in the tablatures) Pick it with your pick or with your RH middle finger like I do, which is a bit easier for me. This D note comes again in the 2nd line but played in tapping (15th fret B string). I recommend to use the RH middle finger to perform the tapping note in order to keep the pick available. The RH picking work is as little as picking once per string (G downstroke -B downtroke -E upstroke).

On the second line the tapping note makes it easier to pick the D note downstroke compared to the first line. How to practice this: First, memorize the notes very well. Then run the lick in 8th notes at 80 bpm. Once this run smooth, you should be able to raise the speed gradually and eventually play it even faster than me!

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