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Sus Arpeggio Sequences

By Derryl Gabel

Hi shred fans! I'm delighted to share with you one of the chapters from my newest instructional DVD, "Supersonic Sweeping Part 2". This is actually one of the bonus chapters from the Blu-ray version. In this particular series of licks I am descending sextuplet sequences based on the pentatonic scale using a combination of pull-offs and sweeping. This gives us a sus arpeggio sound.

Measure 1 is based on the root form of B minor pentatonic.
Measure 2 is from the first inversion.
Measure 3 is from the second inversion.
Measure 4 is from the third inversion.
Measure 5 is from the fourth inversion.

You can also create different sounds by using or even combining other penatonic scales. Just as an example play the C minor penatonic over the Bm7 chord. Next, try the F# minor pentatonic.

Hope you can impliment these ideas in your own solos. For more licks like these please check out my full range of DVDs in the shop

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