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2-Hand Tapping Study (Pt 2)

By Rahul Mukerji


Hey there all the good people in guitar land!

Here's something to get you started with your journey into the 2 handed tapping. These exercises are more along the lines of Stanley Jordan, Michael Hedges style of playing.

It's a good tool to have since you can play simple melodies and chords on your guitar. This comes especially handy for intro's, outro's and mid sections of songs. This works well if you have 2 guitarists in a band. You can add to the song's dynamics and atmosphere by adding tapped out chords as opposed to the standard rhythm strums that you'd otherwise end up playing. Adding the top notes also allows for you to play extended chords which will add color to the song. This kind of playing sounds good with a little delay and reverb with a clean tone.

Use the tab as a reference and experiment.

As always, start slow with a metronome, concentrate on clean notes rather than speed and make it musical. Cheers !

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