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Crazy Tapping Arpeggios

By Fredrik Pihl


CLICK HERE for the tab (.jpg)

Hello all you six (or seven) string benders out there! Today’s keyword is muting….

I was in the process of writing a new song and I came up with a nice tapping arpeggio sequence. I thought it would turn out as a good lesson for Shred Academy so I made a video lesson out of it. This is a typical fancy guitar hero lick, but it’s also quite musical. You can play it fast or slow, it sounds quite nice either way.

The main structure of this lick is string skipping, tapping and some legato. No guitar pick is used what so ever. To make it more rythmically interesting I decided to make the lick based on quintuplets. For those of you who have seen my previous lessons, you might get the impression that I like odd rythm groupings….. well you’re right….I’m Swedish.

The hardest thing about this exercise is the muting part. You really have to mute all the strings that you are not playing. Start really, really slow and make sure that you get it absolutely clean before speeding up. I have seen some players that use some kind of muting device at the beginning of the guitar neck (such as socks, pony tail holders etc), but I really think you should try to live without these things.

It’s not very cool when a friend asks you to play the lick and you say: ”Sure, let me just get a sock and tie around the neck of my guitar”.

The arpeggios is based on three different chords, that I use in the song. Those are Gadd9, Cadd9 and D/A. Try to come up with your own variations and have fun with them.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know by dropping me a mail.

Until next time…..

/Fredrik Pihl




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