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Intervallic String Skipping Lesson

By Brev Sullivan




Brev Sullivan is a Miami based guitarist proficient in multiple genres. He is the guitarist for Featured On Fridays (FOF), a shred-metal, progressive group whose songs are a tour de force of wildly searing instrumentals combining shred, jazz, country chicken pickin' and even epic movie soundtrack style melodies. His dad is legendary jazz multi-instrumentalist Ira Sullivan. "I had a rich childhood growing up hearing my father play with jazz greats such as Jaco Pastorius, Joe Diorio and others," says Sullivan. "I picked up guitar, probably because it was the only instrument my father Ira didn't play! Fans of Ira know he'd probably learn guitar, too, if he wanted! " Brev has studied with Joe Diorio, Dave Weisbrot and Simon Salz. Inspired by Joe Diorio's 20th Century Intervallic Designs book, Brev is now introducing a similar style to his listeners and students in a metal, progressive setting combining dazzling string skipping and intervallic melodies.

Brev has performed at jazz and rock festivals around the country, and played onstage with Joe Diorio, Simon Salz, Nestor Torres and many other Miami jazz legends. Brev is currently working on finishing an instructional DVD demonstrating a variety of guitar techniques and different styles of music, as well as how to incorporate his unique intervallic designs into metal and progressive rock. Current schedule includes performing with FOF, appearing at clinics. He is currently a demo product specialist for the IK Multimedia software company demoing the new Amplitube software. He was a performing artist at the 2008 Namm for The Square Drums Company (the company was inducted into the Namm Musical Instrument Museum and won the 2008 Oddity of the Year Award).

Brev recently recorded a guest solo on several tracks, including one with Ron Jarzombek (Spastic Ink), on the soon-to-be-released CD by Fractured Dimension. Fans can definitely look forward to more great music from Brev Sullivan, who states, "I still am a student of guitar myself. I'm always learning some new technique or song that's challenging to me, which I love to share with my students as well."



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