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Guitar Soloing Software - 66 Licks

Select any number of licks from the 66 provided, add them to the queue in ANY order, and here it played out in a natural seemless solo. Use the tab and audio to learn to play it! Useful to add individual licks to your arsenal, or to create solos. 4 Different audio packs included, (rock blues, hot licks, neo-classical metal & rock major) totalling 264 licks.

Pure Pitch

If you have ever wanted to learn the gift of absolute pitch (the ability to hear a note or chord and name it) and relative pitch (the ability to hear and judge the difference between notes) then this is for you. You also get to try it for for 60 days and if you don't benefit from using the program you can get a full refund, no questions asked!

Sonic Producer - Music Production Software

Checkout the videos on their website that promises "you won't leave your computer for 4 days straight." and you don't need any experience, it's all explained with the tutorials!

Finger Trainer

Over 100 exercises with full audio and tab to play along with. Add exercise(s) to the queue, press loop and drill the exercises as long as you need to master them. Covers 10 techniques from warming up to sweeping and tapping, and combining techniques.

Guitar Speed Trainer

The ultimate speed boosting system - drill the exercises and increase the speed as you go, tracking your progress easily and visually. Shred Academy personally recommends! Click the more details button & download the lite version for free now!

Absolute Fretboard Trainer

The ultimate fretboard memory system - this tool trains you to remember the notes, and then visually shows you how well you know them on the fretboard progress map (see left) lights each note up green for 'memorised' or varying degrees of red for 'in progress.'

Lead Guitar Techniques

This program was created by Shred Academy founder, and has single-handedly sold over 10,000 copies with a 0.01% refund rate. Find out what all the fuss is about ...

Unlocking I - IV - V: A Crash Course in Guitar Theory

Write your own songs and chord progressions effortlessly and endlessly! Instantly figure out all the relevant chords in any given key. See the guitar in visual patterns instead of letters, names and notes.

Adult Guitar Lessons: For the over 40's!

Adult Guitar Lessons is offered in an online, multi-media format including over 100 video lessons. Each lesson is supported with detailed written explanations, music charts, chord charts, TAB's and color pictures Includes UNLIMITED email coaching.

Dream Sounds for Guitar

Obtain a pro guitar sound no matter what style of music you want to play. This info applies to all styles of guitar, from U2/'The Edge' minimalist style, to future shredding 'Bucketheads' of the world.

Team Method Guitar

You learn from a TEAM of guitar professionals who are experts in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead guitar, fingerpicking, beginner's techniques, advanced techniques and specialty areas like learning to play by ear. There is SO MUCH information in this course that you'll just have to click this button to see everything:

Rockstar Guitar Academy

Get access to over 100 videos, and all the images and diagrams, and lessons for two full weeks for only $4.95, with a 60 day money-back guarantee! No kidding - for less than the cost of a fast food value meal, you can get started on your path to guitar mastery today.

Guitar Scales Method

The ultimate scales training system - this tool features a whole range of scales that instantly appear on the fretboard diagram, and teaches you to memorise them. Use the scales chart that lights up each scale red-to-green representing how well you know them, to monitor your ability!

Get Shredding!

Over 100 exercises, each designed to accomplish something different. The book also contains thoughts on writing guitar solosimprovising, musical theory, recording, and everything that you could ever want to know about playing lightning fast guitar. 

Guitar Scale Mastery

Learn scales on such a deep level that they "become part of you". You will be able to use scales without thinking, improvise with scales anywhere on the fretboard.

Guitar Super Stars

All the videos and teaching you could ever want! You have to click for more details to appreciate this offer, as this is a truly incredible offer.

Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons

With easy to follow tutorials, fully tabbed, accompanied by example tracks and backing tracks to jam along. Taking you right from the beginning, from common chords and tunings, right through to the rudiments of groove, timing, technique and speed.

Jamorama (various editions)

Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced guitarist looking to improve, Jamorama has a version for everyone, and is the most successful guitar teaching tool on the internet. Have a look around their website!

Also available in Spanish!

Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer

Would you like to be able to play anything you hear or think effortlessly, without mistakes and without hesitation? GBET is a complete ear-training software especially designed for guitar, bass and other fretboard instrument players.

Tearing it Up - Learn Heavy Metal Guitar

No theory - No Expensive Lessons!
Save weeks by learning the chords you need to get your axe grinding in no time so you can get down to playing rock and metal songs fast.

Funky Chops - Slap Bass

Instantly download video & audio instructions - No theory, no tab, just 100% funk. FunkyChops™ is a play-by-ear method that requires no note reading or prior slap bass knowledge.

Ultimate Metronome

Metronome software with built in "Speed Drill" to increase the beat while you practice. Customizable parameters which include time signature, speed increase amount, speed increase frequency, beat sample and accent sample. 

Pitch Master Pro

This genius package gives you the gift of pitch recognition. This enables you to name notes by their correct name as soon as you hear them, identify all the most common chords by ear, learn to identify notes and chords from all your favorite songs, and start soloing and improvising over riffs and chord progressions by EAR!

Music Producer Pro

Learn how to professionally engineer your tracks, how to play different instruments, compose music, produce beats and record instrumentals. Over 10 hours of video!

How to Sell Your Music on iTunes, MSN, eMusic, Napster etc.

This guide describes in detail how to take a professional approach to setting up a legal entity for your music, and how yo get it distributed worldwide.

Guitar Burning Speed

If speed is your thing, this promises to improve your speed drastically in 2 weeks. Covers everything from warming up, to sweep picking at burning speeds.

Record Label Business Plan

Music business entrepeneur? Start your own succesful record label with the 'Record Label Business Plan!' Written and updated for 2010, it covers everything you need and more.

Slow-Down Music Videos - Keep the Pitch!

Slow videos of your favourite guitarists down to a speed you can manage, and LOOP the impossible bits until you master them! Also comes with a great tool for downloading videos from youtube so you can make the most of this program!

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