Unfortunately after setting up and running this site for a long time, I have not been able to maintain it for years now. I do not have time to deal with customers and site problems. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD orders should still work in the mean time, but please do not order physical items. I'm sorry to all customers who have tried to reach me recently.
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If you'd like to submit a lesson to the site, get in touch. Anyone submitting regular lessons will be given an Artist Profile Page. Please only use the form below to submit LESSONS - if you want to submit any other video, such as a video of you shredding/jamming/gigging etc. please submit it to SHREDTUBE

Artist Profile Page:
Anyone submitting regular lessons is entitled to an artist profile page along with our other instructors. So please send us your photo, name, bio, any web links, and your "vital stats" (eg. where are you from? how long have you been playing? what is your bands name?) along with your lesson.

Written Lessons:
If you want to write a lesson, or explain an exercise - you can do this simply by attaching it to an email to us. You can discuss anything you want, if you need inspiration have a look through our lessons and find something that isn't covered thoroughly already.
TIP: We do not accept tab on it's own - this is not a lesson - please make sure there is something to learn, and explain it clearly. Exercises are fine and useful but we ask you to take a moment to talk the exercise through.

Video Lessons:
You can upload the video straight to our drop box, just ask for the address in the form below.
TIP: Please make sure you record your video in as high quality as possible, and make sure the video looks professional - shoot infront of a blank background, or in front of your music gear only. Also pay attention to lighting - If you can see the fretboard and your fingers clearly, then you have it set up correctly!

VIP Lessons:
VIP lessons are exclusively for our VIP members, so we pay $50 for each lesson for this area. Currently as the VIP area is very new, we are only accepting a limited number of lessons for the VIP area. Also, we only offer VIP lessons to people who have already submitted 'free'/public video lessons to the site, so we can see you are able to produce high quality video lessons.


To submit your lessons, please send us a quick message using the following form
Please specify if you intend to submit a video lesson or a written lesson.



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