Unfortunately after setting up and running this site for a long time, I have not been able to maintain it for years now. I do not have time to deal with customers and site problems. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD orders should still work in the mean time, but please do not order physical items. I'm sorry to all customers who have tried to reach me recently.
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Archived News

  • 24/Jun/2014 - Extensive Website Redevelopment Planned ---

    We are in the process of redesigning the website from the ground up, with a new team of instructors. We hope to release more information in the coming 1-2 months as we work through the development process.
  • 21/Nov/2012 - 15% OFF EVERYTHING! ---

    Everything in our shop is now 15% off until the end of 2012! See the year out with a bang by picking up some cut-price software, DVDs or merchandise to take your playing to the next level.
  • 10/Oct/2012 - 10% OFF DOWNLOADS ---

    Until October 31st we are knocking 10% off all downloads. If you need new inspiration then check out 66 Licks or some of the other tools in the downloads section of our shop.
  • 04/Oct/2012 - Shop Streamlined ---

    We have streamlined the selection of items in the shop, making it easier to find the quality products that are most in demand. Head over now to find something to boost your chops!
  • 18/Apr/2012 - 20%+ Off Downloads ---

    Until the end of May you can get OVER 20% off everything in the downloads section. Push the limits of your playing to new levels today!
  • 15/Feb/2012 - WEB HELP WANTED ---

    We're working on a new lessons submition facility to allow people to add their own lessons with ease. If you are a skilled web developer and interested in working with us on the site, get in touch via the contact page.
  • 21/Jan/2012 - Pre-Order the NEW Joe Stump DVD Now! ---

    You will see from the recent shop products module to the right of this page that the new Joe Stump DVD is up for pre-order! The new DVD is aimed at covering the 'shred basics' to introduce intermediate players into the realms of shredding, and enabling them to then benefit from his other advanced DVDs. This will be a great stepping-stone into the 'next level' for those who have always wanted to possess the abilities of their idols.
  • 18/Dec/2011 - David Shankle DVD - Coming Soon! ---

    Check out the promo video on the home page!
  • 09/Dec/2011 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED! ---

    Congratulations to all 10 of the String Insanity 2011 finalists, winners will need to contact us to discuss the delivery of their prizes. Thank you once again to everyone who entered the competition, and stay tuned for a new competition in 2012! CLICK HERE FOR THE WINNERS RANKING!
  • 04/Dec/2011 - String Insanity Content Over! ---

    Many thanks go out to all of the entries - we had some great contestants and the votes are now being counted! An announcement will be made as soon as they have be totalled and added to the judges' votes, in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!



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