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Jarrell Guitars - - Boutique guitars, hand made.  

Guitar Site - - news, lessons and more!  

Roo - - check out the official website for Shred Academy's Roo  

Stylus Pick - - The best Pick for alternate picking and more  

David Shankle - - Ex-Manowar David Shred-Demon Shankle's new super group!  

Joe Stump - - This guitarist needs no introduction.  

Truth in Shredding - - This site has a lot of information on all-things-shred  

Kona Guitar - - Quality guitar manufacturers  

Paul Tauterouff - - Lesson contributor and general guitar instructor.  

Katrina Johansson- - Shred Academy's first female instructor!  

Zack Uidl- - Zack is Shred Academy's 7-String Instructor  

String Pluckers - - A good UK source for all kinds of picks and more!  

Mike Philippov - - Mike's site  

Guitar Lessons - - Beginner/Intermediate guitar lessons.  

Jonas Hörnqvist - - Jonas Hornqvist's website  


Finger Tapping - - Finger Tapping course  

Your site here -

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