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--- Bumblefoot Interview--- 8/april/07

You released a fundraising CD titled "9.11" and are also a volunteer for MS Research Foundation, this is a great quality in a musician to do his part for the community and the world and we applaud you. Tell us please about these projects and the positive outcome from them?

- I donated the profits from the "9.11" CD to the American Red Cross - every little bit helps, ya know? I did what I could. The MS Research Foundation (www.msrf.org) holds dinner/comedy shows, and the money goes directly to medical research, straight to the neuro labs where they're working hard to find a cure for MS, hopefully a cure for all myelin-degenerative diseases. I help with organizing the shows and help with expenses so that 100% of people's donations can go to medical research.

I have heard that Shawn Lane was a big influence, I too love his music. What was it that appealed most about his music and did you ever meet the man?

- Met him a few times. I greatly respect the guy's playing, he was technically untouchable. Most of my guitar influence came from Eddie and Jimi, the Beatles, but it was hearing the Kiss Alive! Album that started it all.

You have released seven albums since 1995, I heard you first on your CD "Hands" what do you think has made your music so successful and can you give a description of your music to people who are unfamiliar with it?

- Not sure if my music is successful, ha-ha. Man, I'm bad at describing stuff... experimental rock... something' that might be ok for folks who like System of a Down, or Faith No More...? Every album's different, depends on which part of the brain is actively louder in its civil unrest.

Hey Ron, thanks for taking time out to answer some questions for Shred Academy, many of us were hoping to hear from you someday. How long have you been playing and how much did you practice in a day?

- Started playing at age 6, playin' 31 years. Practicing would fluctuate from 10 minutes of noodling around while watching TV, to 6 hours of trying to learn an album side of Rush, Priest, Halen, ACDC by ear, note-for-note. Or jamming with people for hours - always different, depending on the immediate goals.

You now have your own signature guitar with Vigier Guitars, what is it about these guitars that you like so much?

- The necks. Greeeeeaaat necks. No truss rod, instead the necks have a chunk of graphite rock going through them that keeps them straight. You never need to adjust them. Been playing their guitars for 10 years and in all that time, regardless of any changes in heat, humidity, string gauge, the necks have NEVER had a problem, they've been consistently perfect, never needed a thing. These guys really care about making guitars, they respect it, and I dig that. DiMarzio made a very cool wiring config for the sig guitar, some out-of-phase stuff that brings out the screaming'. There's a link on my site with more info - bumblefoot.com, click the "gear" tab, the guitars listed in there...

You have many other projects doing music for other things such as TV shows and videogames, is it as great fun as it sounds or is it a tough job?

- It's whatever ya choose to see it as, ya know? If something feels like a tough job, it's usually 'cause we're putting up resistance against ourselves. When ya stop fighting' yourself, things get done. I like diversity, doing a lot of different things, keeps life interesting.

Any plans for an instructional DVD or book?

- Been wanting to do that for years, but there's always something that needs to take priority over it. It's something I really gotta make time for and just do.

One last question, what do you think of Buckethead?

- He's great, he's so out there. We met years ago, cool guy.

Thanks for your time, any closing statement?

- Thanks for having me on your site, thanks to y'all for reading this. Enjoy yourselves. :)



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