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--- David Shankle Interview--- 21/Sep/10

How many years have you been playing guitar and what advice can you give to the up and coming guitar players?

- I have been playing for about 28 years now but there is still always more to do on guitar. Jam with other player's good or bad when you start. Find the hot guitar player in town and get LESSONS. It will help. And go to music school.

Guitar playing is a huge phenomenon these days, in your opinion, what is the best way to escape the cycle of a typical bedroom guitarist?

- Get in the best band in town and best players around and play out a lot, get your name out there, PROMO is everything have good songs and just get it OUT THERE.

The instructional DVD with Shred Academy sounds exciting, what does it involve and what makes it different from other instructional material?

- I want cover a lot of things. Some Guitar DVD are just Shred. Yes I am going to shred a lot and do a lot of HOT LONG RUN LICKS. But also. Slow it way way down so you can see it the way you should see it. And play songs from DSG Ashes to Ashes Licks from the songs to. And you all know MY OVER THE NECK STUFF too. And the way I do modes. Scales 1, 2, 3 octaves Pentatonic to the EXTREME Harmonic Minor and all the way up the neck too. And a lot, lot more.

These days tab books for bands are growing more popular because the artists themselves are transcribing them, do you plan to release one someday?

- You never know, we will see how things go, I hope so.

Guitar playing is becoming more technical these days, any artists or bands of the new blood that interest you or any that you can recommend to check out?

- Well for me I like what I like. Shred guitar and Classical guitar I play both all kinds of music. But some new Bands are not bad.

Ok let's talk about your album Ashes to Ashes, first of all what makes your music different with the David Shankle Band compared to your previous works?

- I did all the music for Ashes to Ashes it is all me. Then the band came in to play. It is a KILLER cd Thanks to Joey DeMaio from Manowar for all his help on the mix and Jay Walsh DSG sound man for he did and still is doing for the NEW DSG BAND and cd HELLBORN out in 2007 on MAGIC CIRCLE MUSIC/SPV. Manowar LABEL. The new band is way better then before songs are better. And I am cool with that.

Everything sounds tight and well produced, how long was the recording process and was there days when things just weren't going as planned?

- Thanks. With the help of Jay Walsh and Joey and all others who help out it came out GREAT. I played all the music on my Roland VS2480 and then on to Jay and then Joey. And you have it DSG- Ashes to Ashes. And not too long to do it at all.

What inspirations helped create this album and can you comment on your fellow band member's contribution towards it?

- Well it is like this. Me and Trace the old singer he did the words and I did the music. We would then let the other guy's in the band do their thing and make it all work. But doing the cd was everything to me, my cd after the PLATINUM MANOWAR cd The Triumph of Steel. Soon I go doing my DSG thing. I have my David Shankle LINE of guitars coming out on HALO GUITAR.com Waylon Ford is doing this with me out at Summer NAMM 2007. DS7, DS8 and DS368 36 frets 8 string guitar. Way cool.

Home recording is becoming ever popular but some people go out, get the equipment and when they push the record button things go wrong, can you comment on this and what advice can you give?

- Yes get to know your GEAR and how to work it. If not Go to get it done with someone who can. Like Jay Walsh at farviewrecording.com YES.

On Wikipedia, your biography says that Michael Angelo Batio will be doing bass for your next album; can you shed any light on this whether it is true or just a rumour?

- Not bass. I have some other hot players on the new DSG cd. Like Mike Batio, Joe stump, TD Clark and Rusty Cooley Are playing the instrumental called the THE VOYAGE and it will be a SHRED FEST.

Ok 3 guitar players of different eras, can you give us a short view on each -
Randy Rhoads -
Jason Becker -
Michael Ammot of Arch Enemy

- Randy God be with him, I loved his playing and his feel on guitar and he also was in to the classical thing to R.I.P. Jason Becker. I have liked him from the time he first played, I like all of what Jason plays and more that KID was shredding. Arch Enemy Great band killer singer she rocks. Good songs and good guitar playing.

To finish, what is the best way to approach a practice session and how important is warming down after playing as much as warming up?

- Know all the stuff and song's you need to know to go in to a session and play your guitar all the time and get new things from other players, and do you own thing too man.

Just to say new DSG out in 2007 with new BAND. Dennis Hirschaur on vox. Jeff Kylloe on shred bass, And Brad Sabathne on killer drums. New cd HELLBORN I also am playing on Roger Staffelbach from the band ARTENSION his new cd out in 2007 and I just played on TD CLARKS new cd called NEXT BIG ADVENTURE I have to SOLO on that song. And the new MANOWAR DVD EARTHSHAKER 2005 is out and all the band guys from old and new we all play together on stage and it is from HELL so go and get a copy. THANKS to all for the interview.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to your instructional DVD and your future works, we wish you all the best.




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