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  T. D. Clark
  • Started Playing: Age 10
  • From: USA


T. D. Clark is a genuine artist who erases musical borders to create a genre unique to instrumental as well as vocal music. Clark's emotional guitar playing is the key that unlocks the passion behind each chord and riff, making his music universal to all ears.

Born in Chicago, Clark has been immersed in music since he was a child. His Grandfather played guitar and piano, his uncle who was (and still is) an accomplished pianist that graduated from Chicago's conservatory of music. Even Clark's mother played a bit of guitar. All of these factored in Clark's exposure to a lot of music early on. " My mom had records from the Beatles to Alice Cooper to The Who to John Denver playing all the time, and my uncle loved Elton John, Styx, and all kinds of classical music. So whenever I write songs whether they be instrumental or vocal I think of what made all those artists great, and that is strong melody." He originally wanted to play piano but due to costs picked up his mother's guitar. He began learning from books and figuring songs out by ear and eventually began studying music theory at high school and then college.

T. D. Clark is currently an endorsee and clinician for Rocktron, ESP Guitars, Nady wireless systems, Jim Dunlop mfg, Dean Markley strings, Sansamp/Tech21, Sabine, Mesa Boogie amplication and Seymour Duncan pickups. He has performed at several of their NAMM show booths over the years.

T. D. is also an in-demand guitar instructor with over 40 students!

On November 11th 2001 95.5 KLOS (one of Los Angeles California's top radio stations) featured 5 songs from T. D. Clark's PERSPECTIVE on their Local Licks program. Normally only bands from the L. A. area are featured but Bill Hartew, the shows Producer and L. A. Music Lifetime Achievement Award winner for his work promoting local and unsigned bands, thought the songs were really great and made an exception. He said, " I love the disc!" and Avalanche, the discs single, " just plain rocks."

T. D. and Boardwild/International Sports Productions/Time Life have entered into a licensing agreement for the song The Fugitive for use in the 2002 film release Adrenaline Ride. He has also entered into and agreement with Mack Dawg Productions for the use of the song 12 String Thing in the September release PULSE. Go Pro Video productions also have licensed several songs for their new Windfest 2002 video.

In May 2003 T. D. was contacted by Sports Giant ESPN to create music for their Sports Center program. T. D. was chosen along with Zack Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne) Marty Friedman (Megadeth) and Brad Gillis (Night Ranger) to create music for ESPN's programming.

Of the hundreds of tracks available from their library, ESPN picked music T. D. Clark made for them for their 2003 Marlins/Yankees World Series highlights!

In 2004 T. D. licensed the song Mary Love, from his Perspective CD, to Afraid of the Dark productions for use in their film, The Reeker, which will be released in spring 2005. This marked the 5th song from the Perspective CD to be licensed.



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