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  David M. McLean
  • From: USA
  • Years Playing: 26
  • Instructional DVDs: 1


"David M. McLean has been a recording engineer since 1987 and a working musician since 1984. He has performed and recorded with bands of numerous styles on stage and in studios (Vice, Pharaoh, Aur'a-Sen, Menage a Trios, Somebody's Ghost, etc.), composed, performed, & recorded music for a variety of medium (web-based projects, radio, TV, live theater, etc.), and worked as production liaison for Mr. Rick Reynolds (of Nirvana and Beholder fame) at ToonTown, Kiva, and Ardent Studios....." This is how my official bio kicked off. Fact is, I've had a blast over the years as a guitarist (from dump gigs in the worst parts of towns to my 15 seconds of fame on MTV to session work in various studios), engineer (running lines & capturing sounds & mixing & editing dozens of talented bands & other projects), producer (not only for bands, but for gobs of commercial projects, including my "Joe Maco" character for ETR Seafood), composer (from quasi-classical music for jewelry store radio ads to screaming rock for Arlington International Raceway to country twang for Robinson Sausage to thumpin' techno for Lievio Technologies, to a challenging array of styles for several video & computer games), and guitar & percussion instructor (from cutting my teeth with 3 students to constructing a fast-learn method for both individual & group settings to conducting clinics & workshops...in 2004, I taught well over 400 people from ages 5 to 84 in 1-on-1, group, & clinic environments, and that number has grown steadily in the years since).

As a writer, I've been published as a free-lance arts columnist (Richmond Register, LCP, etc.) to a one-off for Guitar for the Practicing Musician to staff columnist at the short-lived Provider Magazine to essays & books ("The Art of Scalar Magic" and"The Complete Book of Scales" [w/ W. Siddiqui]) to conducting the "Guitar Gods" interview series for Tinfoil Music and writing a monthly column for Insane Guitar, Guitar-Guitar, & a few other cool web-sites.

I've had the pleasure to talk about my experiences as a working musician with professional groups, college clubs, high school, middle school, and elementary school students, covering topics from music business to music theory to just playing guitar.



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