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Eric Moldonado

  • From: www.ericmaldonado.com


Eric Maldonado is arguably one of the internet's top young guitarists of the next generation. With a style equally at home in almost every genre, from full on shred to straight pop tunes to mind blowing metal tracks, its little wonder that Eric is the Grand Prize 1st place winner of world renowned Christian Artist, Lincoln Brewster's "Show Me What You've Got" Guitar Solo Contest & most recently the Grand Prize 1st Place Winner of the worldwide "String Insanity" Guitar Contest against many guitarists from all over the world! Eric is also endorsed by Fernandes Guitars, DiMarzio Pickups, 4 Seasons Pickups, AMT Electronics, Morley Pedals and many more of the music industry's top companies.

Eric was introduced to music by his father, another great musician, at a very young age. After learning a few songs and just messing around with it, he decided it wasn't for him. Years later when he turned 11 and heard the likes of Guitar Heroes such as Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, Eric quickly made this his dream.

Soon after hearing the monster guitarists of the 80's, Eric spent countless summer's practicing 12 hours a day and doing nothing else. If there was a crazy lick in a Satriani song, he had to know how to play it. Eric's passion grew even further when he started learning more on how to express himself on the instrument. In the summer of 2009 Eric started writing for his very first original full length album entitled "Into the Mooonlight". The album was a critical success and sold all over the world. Eric was able to gain more exposure doing radio shows and promo in support of his first album.

After the album came out, he devoted his time to teaching. Eric teaches online via Skype and instructs guitar players all over the Earth on advanced guitar techniques. Through these years thousands of lessons have been taught by Eric sitting right at his computer communicating with fans, students and guitarists all over the world who want to learn the secrets of Shred.

Finally, after 2 years, Eric has decided to put out another album. This time around things are getting bigger, better, and HEAVIER. Over the past 2 years Eric's technique, songwriting ability, and influences have changed vastly and have landed on the level of Metal greats like Jeff Loomis, Andy James, Theodore Ziras, Gus G, Rusty Cooley, Marco Sfolgi, Scar Symmetry, James LaBrie, and Tony MacAlpine.




String Insanity 2011 1st Place Video

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