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Tony Waka

  • Name: Tony Waka
  • From: Spain


Toni Martinez, " Tony Waka", is a fantastic spanish rock guitar player. He was born in Mallorca and started playing the piano at 5 proving his talent, and starting playing concerts at the young age of 7.

When he was 14, he became more serious about guitar playing and began receiving guitar lessons from different instructors for several years. In the end, he finished studying in the Modern Music Conservatory Liceo in Barcelona.. Since then, he has played and recorded for a huge number of different bands as a session artist.

At this moment, Tony is quickly becoming a very well known and reputably skilled guitarist on the internet, being on the top 10 of a lot of worldwide competitions- You can find him teaching ( when he's not touring ) in the Yamaha Music School located in Madrid.

His influences go from SRV and Hendrix, to Steve Vai and Richie Kotzen. And his playing tries to mix technique with feeling in a very unique way.




String Insanity 2011 Entry

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