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  Don Parkhurst  


Don is a professional guitar instructor and owner of The Teaching Studio. Through his 30 years of being a musician he has discovered the joy of helping others improve their musicianship. While he teaches in many styles he is highly sought after for his skills in the Hard rock/Metal genre.

In addition to many other great instructors Don has studied with Alex Skolnick (Testament, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Alex Skolnick Trio) and had formal Training at The Hartford Conservatory of Music. He also attended various classes at Atlanta Institute of Music.

Don is currently a columnist on the Stetina Digital Guitar Magazine and teaches video correspondence lessons. He is also hard at work on his newest project which is releasing a new lead guitar course. It will be the first of multiple courses which will be a part of an online school planned for the future! Don hopes to have his new course up and running in the next couple months.





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