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  Shane Gibson  


SHANE GIBSON is a grizzly-mannered guitar player.

Blistering, poly-rhythmic, and technically precise are only a few ways to describe Shane Gibson's artistry of the guitar. At times, his music is quite atmospheric, graceful, and highly diverse. Be it be acoustic, electric, jazz, metal, folk, fusion, or any type of experimental styles of music, Shane Gibson does it all, and does so as if to make it his own.

Born in Houma, LA, raised in Fort Walton Beach, FL, Shane's musical journey began at the age of thirteen after a few chords were taught by his father, and after meeting best friend and Atlantic Records artist Jeremy Griffith. Jeremy's musicianship would help shape the way Shane is today. At the age of 16, Shane won "Battle of the Bands" in all of West-Coast Florida. He would do so again the year after.

After high school, Shane attended Berklee College of Music on a "Berklee's Best" guitarist and "Gary Burton's Music Therapy" scholarship. While at Berklee, Shane performed in many ensembles, bands, concerts, and other studio projects. He also played radio/commercial jingles. Through countless musical projects, Shane had a original band called "Cofield," named after the bassisit who left the band before they came up with the name for the band. Shane also gigged with the Japanese metal band Teiousekkai, who had a huge following around the Boston scene and a fair amount of radio play. They would later record a debut CD together, but because of musical differences, the members went their separate ways.

After graduating with a degree, Shane continued recording music, which led to his featured CD, "Mr. Stork". It caught Mike Verney's (CEO of Shrapnel Records) ear.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2006, and has since worked for the band "KISS," worked at Immergent Records, as well as teaching on the side, and has worked on music for television.

Shane joined forces with Jonathan Davis of KoRn for his solo record/tour, as well as the band KoRn in 2007, touring the world, playing with them up until August of 2010. After 3 years, he decided to leave KoRn to focus on his main projects, stOrk, Schwarzenator, and DeFable (along with other projects in the works).

stOrk is an instrumental metal band with Europe's most famous drummer, Thomas Lang, and Eloy Palacios on bass. Their new album features compositions by both Shane and Thomas. It was released in January 2010. (http://www.myspace.com/officialstork)

Schwarzenator is an Arnold Schwarzenegger concept metal band. Members include JP Von Hitchburg (vox), Shane Gibson (guitar, vox), Jonathan Weed (guitar, vox), Eloy Palacios (bass), and Thomas Lang (drums) with Damion Sanchez (drums) featured on some songs on their debut album, which was released in February 2010. Each song is strategically based on Arnold's movies, such as Terminator, Kindergarten Cop, Commando, Predetor, True Lies, End of Days, Twins, Running Man, and Conan. (www.Schwarzenator.com).

DeFable (pronounced  di-Fay-ble ) is a dark story concept band with ERiKA SiREN, a Japanese/American metal singer/composer. ERiKA is born and raised in Japan but lived in the U.S. for 11 years. Since Erika isn t influenced by the major music scene in America, her taste of music takes DeFable into a whole different direction. She is influenced by traditional Japanese music and plays some of its instruments. ERiKA currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden. DeFable is currently in the writing process for the debut album. (http://www.DeFable.com)

Shane has also been involved in many side projects and studio work. In early 2009, Shane's tune "Artichoke Samurai" was featured on the compilation CD "Guitars That Ate My Brain" ( Magna Carta Records/Shrapnel Records) along with Devin Townsend, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses), Chris Poland (Megadeth), James Murphy (Testament, Death), Paul Waggoner (Between The Buried And Me), and many more! He also recently recorded all of the guitars on a recent album from the world renown Shenkar.

Currently, Shane is still in the greater Los Angeles area, teaching part time, working as a session guitarist, and touring with his bands stOrk and Schwarzenator.



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