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  Randall Padilla
  • From: California
  • Years Playing: 13


"Google: 26.5 notes per second for starters. Randall learned music as a teenager through 5 yrs of advanced classical violin study in an orchestral setting & string ensemble performance group. Padilla began playing guitar on Sept. 11th, 1997 and today, he is considered globally in the music industry as a 'six string guitar wiz that can play anything'. The level of technical playing in his solo work is jaw dropping, blindingly fast, and mesmerizing, yet at the same time, deeply rich in emotional content, feeling, and full of passionate energy. A phenomenal solo artist with demanding tastes and multi-genre requirements."
-KONA Guitars 2010

Padilla is a full-time Professional guitar instructor in Modesto, CA and leader of the power instrumental group, RPG [Randall Padilla Group]. Randall writes, produces, and hosts his own weekly prime time television show [Modesto Advanced Guitar Instruction] on Comcast broadcast weekly throughout the entire central valley of California. Padilla plays in LA each NAMM as a demo artist for KONA Guitars and is endorsed by companies such as Celestion, V-Picks, HotPicksUSA, Randall Amplification, Spectraflex Cables, Spider Energy Drinks, etc. to name a few. In his own words:

"I believe that each of us was born with our own, unique song inside and that learning music is really learning how to express that song inside and how to share it with others. I personally feel that if I take the attention that I have garnered publically, and re-direct that towards others that need it a lot more, like Veterans organizations, your local SPCA, your church, your local school districts, then THAT is really Art. That's taking all of the time that you have practiced, learned, sacrificed, it's taking that time and making it count for something, something bigger than ourselves and for something that matters. I view the different genres of music, whether that is Jazz, Metal, Blues, Folk, I see as 'attitudes'- when we're enraged, excited, maybe Metal is that 'attitude'; the bills are all paid, quiet, peaceful day, alone with a rich cup of java� 'Jazz'; the girlfriend/wife left you for someone else, you lose a close friend- Blues; etc. Don't get all caught up in any one style or technique but be free with it, it's about EXPRESSING YOURSELF, not any one thing, but YOU. Do that boldly and do that pure, and know that you're not going to please everyone all the time, and that's just part of the game. If you just be yourself, play the song that you were meant to play and not the 'song' others think that you should play, then you'll do just fine. You'll make it, you'll be 100% original, and you may even create an entire new genre, who knows? In the end, what will matter the most will be the dedicated, disciplined, heartfelt work of those who expressed the most honestly. Thank You for your time and consideration, have an awesome life! =]"


Email: randallpadillashred@gmail.com



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