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  Mike Campese
  • From: New York, USA
  • Attended: Musicians Institute (GIT)


Mike Campese is a New York born guitarist starting at the age of 13, the youngest of the family, exposed to music around the household, his Father was a Virtuoso violinist and brother played guitar. Mike was heavily into Black Sabbath, Learning their music and began lessons with a Jazz guitarist. Mike was also heavily into Jimi Hendrix and other artists like Ozzy, AL Di Meola and Van Halen.

Mike was very obsessed with the guitar, he played it day and night, hours on end. When he was very young his Dad encouraged him to listen to Classical music and all types of music. He said, "if you want to be a great guitarist you music you must be open to all types of music". Mike began listening to Virtuoso violinist Niccolo Paganini, admiring his incredible speed and techniques. He was also listening to Beethoven, Mozart, Yngwie and Vivaldi.

Mike was in bands playing clubs, writing and performing at a very young age. After high school Mike packed up and moved to Hollywood, California to attend one of the worlds top guitar school Musicians institute (GIT). Studying with many great players such as Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Norman Brown, Keith Wyatt and many others. Attending this school opened up many new doors and exposed Mike to many styles of music. Mike graduated with top Honors.

Mike returned to New York to hone his skills, he began playing in one of the areas top band Mister Strange, which was formed when Mike returned from California. The band was touring the northeast playing in many known clubs, CBGB's, Lomoure's etc and releasing CDs and opening for many National acts. After Mike leaving the band he formed the group Jeckyl and Hyde, an all original project playing the northeast clubs.

Mike has been featured in many national guitar magazines such as Guitar World, Guitar One and writes lessons for Guitar Player magazine. Check out the July issue of the Guitar Player Magazine, Mike has a full page guitar lesson. Also, check out the April issue of the Guitar World mag, for Mike's feature lesson. Mike teaches over 70 students a week and is one of the top teachers in the NY area. With a constant waiting list, some of Mike's students are from or went to successful bands. Mike has released 2 instructional DVDs, "Virtuoso Rock Fusion Concepts" and "Creative Speed-Building Picking Techniques". Mike also writes lessons for several online sites.

Mike is a all-around music performer, session artist competent in many musical styles, electric and acoustic.



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