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  Dean Cascione
  • Style: Neo-Classical Shred
  • From: Boston, USA


Dean Cascione is an American Neoclassical Shred Guitarist and Composer. He was born in Bronx, New York and raised in a small suburban town, right outside of Worcester MA. He began playing guitar at the age of 10 and built his first cherry wood guitar in his 9th grade woodshop class.

His Neoclassical Roots stem from his early training with Master Jazz and Classical Guitarist Steven Cancelli. "It was Steve who exposed my love for Baroque Music". Dean has also studied with the legendary Joe Stump( 6th top Shredder in the world - Voted by: Guitar One Magazine) and collaborated with world renowned Guitar Virtuoso George Bellas. Joe Stump is a great mentor. He's truly an amazing player and great friend. Joe's inspiration has been key in helping me find my own unique sound and identity. During the days when Shred was dying and Grunge was the rave, it was guitar hero's like Joe Stump & George Bellas who carried the Neoclassical torch high and proud - Their strength and passion inspired me to continue writing & playing the music I love."

Dean's debut CD "Guitar Chop Shop" was released March 2008. Guitar Chop Shop" merited the #1 chart ranking for the week of May 24th and an overall ranking of #2 on the Guitar Nine Records Top Sellers Chart: Neo-Classical Metal for the month of May 2008. Dean participates in studio work, guitar clinics, and is an Instructor at Shred Academy and Randy Ciak's High-Tech Guitar Site.

"Your music is very enjoyable to listen to. The song "Sun Razor" really spoke to my soul...." - George Bellas 2007




Diminished Arpeggio & Pedal Tone Exercise
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