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  Joe Cefalu
  • Years Teaching: 20
  • From: New York, USA
  • Website: Stratcat.net


Joe is originally from NYC and spent his formative years there practicing guitar, playing gigs and hanging around recording studios. Joe moved to California in 1996 and spent 9 years teaching and playing in the San Francisco Bay Area. He met his bride to be in Marin County, CA and soon after the birth of their second son they decided to relocate to the great state of Idaho. Joe and his family now reside in Northeast Boise.

A guitar instructor since 1991, Joe has students aged 12 to 60 and over the last 10 years has averaged about 40 private lessons a week. Joe enjoys playing on a variety of studio and live performances. Quite often, Joe is called upon to assist various artists in the studio, sometimes juggling performing, arranging, producing and engineering duties.

As a freelance writer, Joe has been tapped by various guitar publications to evaluate and review musical gear. He's also done guitar transcriptions, interviews, instructional columns and album liner notes. Joe has been a featured artist in such publications as Guitar Player, Guitar World and Guitar Magazines.

Joe continues to hone his craft as a musician and a guitarist on a daily basis and he feels extremely grateful to be able to earn his living with a guitar in his hands.


"... Joe's soloing runs the gamut from Blues to Metal to Fusion and he clearly possesses a high level of proficiency in all three categories." Mike Varney - Guitar Player Magazine

"...Tasty and versatile. Joe has fire in his playing and the ability to adapt the heat to just what the song demands." John Stix - Guitar Magazine

"Joe is a real gutsy, fiery player. Definitely one of the best up and coming rock guys out there." Neal Schon - Santana, Journey




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