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  Randy Ciak
  • From: Blackstone, USA
  • Style: Neo-Classical Shred


Randy picked up the guitar at the age of 14. At 16, he began traveling to Boston to study with the legendary Toshi Iseda.. "Toshi inspired me to practice my ass off and be the best guitarist I could be; he also helped me develop my creative side in which this same technique is used for most of my improvisional soloing."

Randy is quickly becoming a major player in the Internet's world of Guitarists. 2006 has already been marked by a quadrupling his online students and an over 300% increase in website traffic.

Randy currently studies under the mighty Shred lord, Joe Stump. His style ranges from Rock and Blues to Neo-Classical Shred. He incorporates this blend to form his own unique style of Techno-Metal with the band, Trance Tek. He and Dean Cascione share lead guitar roles to create a futuristic, tasty shred guitar sound with almost dance-able heavy metal grooves.

In 2005, Randy joined forces with fellow guitar virtuoso, Dean Cascione and created the high tech guitar website, The site offers tons of free content in the form of video lessons, pictures, tips, tricks, modification guides, giveaways, plus a showcase of the sites beautiful Guitar Girls.



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