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Set Number: #8 - April 2009
Guitar Guru: David Shankle

Dear David Shankle,
I love your music with DSG and Manowar, and you shred like none other, but I've been waiting since 2006 for your instructional DVD to come out. Nothing on the website seems to mention why it hasn't been released yet. Any word on the progress of it? (because I WILL buy it as soon as its released.) And also, can you tell a little about what's going to be on it? Thanks a lot man, hope to hear from you.
Ian Michael

Hi Ian, I have changed guitar companies and am now with Dean gutars. I am waiting for my prototype to come out and then It will be released.

What are your favourite bands at the moment, and if you could join any band in the world who would it be?

I have liked so many over the years and all different types of music that I really can't pick one. You can go to my MySpace and see who my musical influences are. I have my own band now so I'm happy with that.

Hi, i was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to get a good pinch harmonic sound. I've watched some videos but i just can't seem to get it. Can you explain exactly how to get that cool squeeling sound, and does it matter about equipment? Thanks
David Robertson, UK

Turning your pick at a slight angle and part of the skin of your thumb hits it. If you want to contact me, go to my myspace and I teach online lessons one on one with a webcam if you're interested.

Hi Dave, I'm excited about the DVD you are working on for shred academy, I'm a big fan and can't wait to learn from you! Just wondering is it going to be lots of really advanced stuff like your free video lick or will it be more about explanations of ideas and techniques for the intermediate guitarist to help get to that level??

Hi Marc, I am doing six videos starting at beginning and going all the way to advanced. It will be covering technique and neo classical style playing.

Hey, I'm having a few problems with guitar right now. I don't know the notes on the guitar, I'm trying to learn them by studying a different string each day of the week. Will this work? My other problem is creating my own style, I try to make my shredding unique to me but I just end up with a bunch of scale sequences. Do you have any way to break out of this?
Thanks for the help.

Hi Perry, Studying the neck is good. You can get sheets that will show you all the notes. These are available online. I would also suggest some lessons, either locally or online. Go to my myspace if you would like any online lessons. Always practice with a metronome and try to work with new material. This will help you stay out of a rut and not playing what you're comfortable with all the time.

Hey Dave, I'm a college student and am double majoring in Business and Music (for the guitar of course) and I was wondering what you think the greatest benefit of going to school for music is. Also what do you think todays guitar players should work more on, what do you think they're missing (if anything)? Thanks for answering not one, but two of my questions, and shred on!

I think studying music theory and classical is of great benefit. Also learning about composing.


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