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Could you play this?

The answer is probably 'NO!'
...but i bet you wish you could!


If you're reading this, chances are
- You want to be an awesome guitarist.
- You want to have the kind of talent that impresses YOU when you see it in other people.
- You probably want to get these skills FAST, but
- find the wealth of information out there a bit overwhelming.

Where do you start???

...Here's a clue....

1 wise investment - it will be the first and last you ever need to make on guitar tuition. EVER!


Do you aspire to play 'that' solo you have always loved, cover your favourite songs, jam with your friends? Or perhaps you want to completely master the instrument, becoming a true virtuoso? The problem is there is so much information to pour through.. Rarely do you find one of those 'gems' that you really appreciate for being effective and making life easier.

Well right now you are staring at one of them! I am offering you so much for so litte, you owe it to yourself to read on. 15,000 sales says a lot!

"...the lead guitarist's best friend. Quite simply, if you can't get results with this package you probably never will..."

I have spent the last 5 years selling and developing this guitar tool to make sure it is the best available in the world to get you up to a pro level. Included in the price is FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE, so just as you and all my customers are improving each day, as will the tool you learn from. Now on version 8.0 this tool is 6x larger and more useful than ever before. Don't think the updates will stop as soon as you buy it, there has been 14 in 4 years and no sign of stopping, as my 15,000+ customers will testify.



LGT screen


So... what does it do?


- Makes your life easier, with everything in ONE place: less searching and more finding! Everything you need to know to develop serious lead guitar skills is on this CD - and nothing more! No junk here, the main section is just 40 pages, and has 19 video demonstrations to help! (performed by Kris Barras, who is in the video at the top!)

- Covers everything you will need: everything from introducing you to scales and basic picking exercises right up to 6-string sweep picking, advanced tapping and exotic ascending/descending runs! Whammy-bar tricks, harmonics, you name it!

- Gives you more than you could ask for: thanks to the free updates for life, this tool now includes a fretboard memory tool, a progress chart so you can track your progress, a speed enhancer to monitor and push your speed to new levels, backing tracks to practice with, a brand new flash user interface, and lots more! All added in the free updates. This program evolves with you and keeps improving.

- Makes darn sure you improve: not only does this tool include over 60 pages of exercises for you to drill through, it helps you build a practice structure, has a special section for lazy learners and unmotivated people, and a 'rusty finger workout' for those who haven't been playing as much as they ought to!

- Gives you plenty of extras!: There is over 20 bonus videos for your entertainment and education, a guitar tuner, metronome, printable chord charts, 5,000 tabs and all sorts of other extras, including access to the guitarmethods website where you can access the free updates and more.


The days of being restricted by
your fingers' speed and ability are nearly over ...

Learn to shred with

Guitar Methods: Lead Guitar Techniques

lead guitar techniques


!!! WAIT !!!

This is less than HALF the package!


PROGRAM 2 of 3:
Guitar Methods: Improvisation



To be a good guitarist you need more than the tricks and techniques - you need to know how to create music!

guitar methods improvisation
(C) 2009 Copyright Protected


Is the 'minor pentatonic' one of the few scales you know?

Whether you play in a band, or just in your bedroom - If you lack the ability to create on-the-spot solos and improvisation then this will save you a whole lot of time and money in private lessons:

improv screenshot

This guide is REALLY simple:

    • Just 40 Pages of text
    • - Essential info to give you the knowledge you need. Everything is kept simple and easy to digest, you will not be overwhelmed with too much.

    • Over 30 Play-Along Audio Exercises

      - Play along with the exercises as you progress through the text. You can play the CD in any CD player, so you do not need to be at your computer - or you can put the CD into your computer to slow-down or speed-up each track!

    • 20+ Minutes of Bonus Video

      - An addition video is provided that talks you through the ideas in the text with more examples and helpful tips.

    • 10+ Backing Tracks + Example Solos

      - Includes backing tracks to practice your new improvisation skills, and example solos to give you ideas of what you might do with them, to draw inspiration from.

Also plenty of the usual bonus software (tuner, metronome, tabs etc.)


Free Updates for Life - New! Version 3.0

Like the first program, 'Guitar Methods: Lead Guitar Techniques', this also comes with free updates for life. When that CD started out as Version 1.0 It consisted of around 35 pages of text, and 8 bonus videos. Now on Version 8.0, people who bought it have since had an extra 80 pages, 17 bonus videos, backing tracks, software and lots more all sent to them for FREE(!) because it comes with free updates. The price to new customers has tripled to reflect the new content.

THIS guide ALSO comes with free updates! As more and more people buy the guide, we get more feedback about our products, and so we will re-work the text, add new things, answer your questions, give you new backing tracks and new videos and more. So you ALL end up with the PERFECT product, at whatever price you get in for! The guitar techniques guide mentioned above has had 9 updates in its first 2 years. So get this now while the price is low to benefit from the FREE LIFETIME UPDATES for ultimate value for money!

Sound too good to be true? Well, this is our business, it is our job to provide quality instructional material, and we are more than happy to add to this guide to make it better all the time. Why shouldn't we? The better the guide is, the happier you are when the CD arrives, the better feedback we receive, so the more we sell - everybody wins! We want you to be as happy as you do!


Are you OK when playing with a CD...
..but take the rest of the band away, and you're lost?

Have you ever picked up a guitar, and just didn't know what to play? Didn't know where to start? Felt useless?


I (the author) used to suffer from the above fears, I didn't know what to play, or have any idea of where to begin. I realised what my problem was - I couldn't improvise at all. So, long story short, i studied all the areas I needed to cover, and now years later after teaming up with a Shred Academy guitarist, we have compiled everything i needed to know into 1 CD, for all of you who are in the same position that i was all those years ago! This really will open your eyes and unlock the mysteries of how to play confidently and avoid that boring minor pentatonic scale all the time!

The problem with a lot of instructional material is that it is written by someone with such advanced knowledge that the teaching gets lost in translation, as they have forgotten what it is like to only know the basics, and steamroll through without giving you time to thoroughly digest what you have just been told.

This is why this guide is different, it has the benefit of a professional Shred Academy guitarist writing the content, and also myself (your typical 'average joe' guitarist) editing -

So I have helped create this guide so that even someone as stupid as myself can understand it! And if i can - i know you can! ... but just incase, I have set up a help forum where you can contact the Shred Academy guitarist/author directly to get help for any grey areas! This will guarantee you to finally learn the methods to get you improvising confidently without sounding boring and robotic!



You will NEVER be stuck if you purchase this item: the author is always happy to offer help wherever and whenever he can. Firstly, if there is something in the guide you wanted to see but it wasn't there, I will personally see about putting it in the next FREE update! Also - there is a contact form for every customer to use: post your questions and the author will answer them for you. Over time there will also be a 'FAQ' section with in-depth answers to common questions/problem areas.

so what

  • Everything you NEED to know on improvising, and NOTHING you don't!!
  • Version 3.0 has plenty of knowledge and practical exercises, and more will be added soon (all updates emailed for free to all customers, each time it is updated)
  • Learn to master the art of improvisation without being stuck in the pentatonic scales!
  • Over 40 pages of text to give you all the knowledge and know-how!
  • Over 40 Audio tracks playable in any CD player, or play in your computer to adjust the speed!
  • Plenty of backing tracks! Great for working on your new skills! Speed-up or Slow-down to any speed.
  • Over 20 minutes of bonus video footage showing some improv examples + some cool tricks
  • A 'useful items' file full of links to useful websites and also some cool video links
  • Free Bonus Software, including a tuner, metronome, fretboard tools, and much more!
  • Free samples of some other Shred Academy items, now and coming soon!
  • Access to free support for unlimited free advice!
  • Access to the FAQs page for common problem-solving specifically for this guide

So right now you are probably thinking that, at this price, this is either the best value guitar item you have ever seen, or is probably just some rip-off/scam junk.

No doubt the customers of Guitar Methods: Lead Guitar Techniques thought this as well. But with 10,000+ customers to date, we have only ever had to issue 3 refunds. This item is just the same, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

!!! WAIT !!!




This program will change the way you practice guitar ... forever!

finger trainer screenshot
See and hear exercises played with real drums and real guitar! - NO MIDI HERE!

Get ready to become very good, very quickly!

Ever wished you were good enough to play 'that' solo, or 'that' song, but you know it is beyond you? Sometimes to become a better guitarist, and be able to play the songs we want to be able to play, we have to go back to basics, and learn the individual elements that make up a guitarist. And the best way to get there, is to drill through technique exercises that will physically improve each area of your playing, and you as a guitarist, as a whole.

The problem is, this can start to feel very repetitive, especially after years of guitar playing, which can often lead to your guitar gathering dust. Some people don't even pick their guitar up because the thought of playing guitar seems more like "work" rather than fun. Not to mention how difficult it can be to find good exerices to begin with, and to browse them all easily. It can all be a bit much.

Not any more!
Guitar Methods: Finger Trainer
has been developed to solve this problem with fantastic success. From the creators of 10,000+ selling Guitar Methods: Lead Guitar Techniques and top ranked shredding site Shred Academy, we bring you the latest and best software for mastering that guitar and bringing a whole new lease of life to your favourite instrument.

Say goodbye to:
- drilling through exercises on your own,
- looking around the internet and magazines for new exercises and ways to improve,
- being restricted to playing only your favourite songs within your ability,
- not being able to play your favourite guitar solos,

It's time for a change!
Well we've talked to hundreds of guitarists about this, and decided it's time that practice, and learning new techniques, should be both fun and rewarding.

So what have we done?
To overcome the challenges and frustrations of practice, and learning techniques, we know you need to have something that will really motivate and inspire you. And, from surveying many of our customers, these are the 'Top 5 wishes':

tick "I want to have a real guitarist to listen to, and play along with, not some synthesized midi system"
tick "I want to be able to create different ways of playing a practice session, so it's never repetitive and boring"
tick "I want to learn and practice all the essential techniques of lead Guitar in one place"
tick "I really need to be able to start simply and slowly, and then build up speed and complexity"
tick "It'd be great to have something that will grow with me, and challenge me, as l get better and better"


Guitar Methods: Finger Trainer puts the fun back into practice by giving you a band environment in your very own home. Simply clicking on one of the exercises will not only give you the tablature to an exercise ready for you to learn and work on, but also the audio so you can hear what it sounds like. And not just any audio...!

Unlike most guitar/music programs, Finger Trainer does NOT use midi. This program features real drums, and real guitar. Not only will this give you a perfect example of how the exercise should and will sound like, but it also gives you something perfect to play along with. Playing along with power tabs (or nothing at all) might be someone's idea of fun, but i'd rather have a full set of drums and guitar behind me when i practice!

One of the great things about this program is the loop function. Simply add 1 or more exercises to the queue, click the loop button, and hit play! Now you will hear the exercises played out with drums and guitar like a real band environment, with the tabs moving along in time with the music - repeated SEEMLESSLY as 1 long track, over and over until you hit stop. Perfect for mastering each exercise, one at a time! Adding multiple exercises with the loop function enabled will also allow you to work on a number of exercises at once, keeping things fresh and interesting.

finger trainer interface



Get instant results with over 100 exercises built in ready to play along with, all in 1 place, with simple navigation at the click of a button. Use the Warming Up exercises to prepare your fingers for practice - something you should do before every practice session. Refresh your guitar basics by learning the most useful Chords and Scales which are essential to any guitarist. Now - what next? It's up to you! Choose from Bending exercises, Alternate Picking, String Skipping, Legato, Tapping, perhaps the most difficult and desired technique of all - Sweep Picking, and something that most teaching neglects - Combinations of multiple techniques so you can learn to apply them in real life away from the training ground. If you don't know what sweep picking or alternate picking is, don't fret! There is a lesson manual enclosed which explains what every technique is, and how to do it!

Add your top 5 techniques to the Favourites menu for easy access next time you practice. CRANK IT UP! Hit the 'TURBO' button, and the audio will speed up to put you to the test! Learn the exercises slowly first and then when you have mastered them, crank it up and push yourself to the next level with the turbo button. This feature also means the program caters for every guitarist from novice to pro - the early exercises are slow enough for almost anyone to start off with, while the later exercises on 'TURBO' will challenge even the best guitarists to master note perfect. Never before has there been such a complete solution from novice to pro is such a straight-forward, easy, fun way for such a low price, all in 1 package!

Finger Trainer has everything you need, with over 100 exercises to keep you busy for months or even years! Every technique is covered and you don't need to be able to read music or read a whole text book on how to play guitar. Everything is here!


You can upgrade later to add more when YOU'RE ready: If you think your SWEEP PICKING could do with some extra work, go for the Sweep Picking bundle. We have specific upgrades for each of the 10 categories so you only pay for what you need!


Buy now and also receive over $100 of bonus software!

Including 10 backing tracks, a metronome, tuner, speed trainer and much, much more!

Finger Trainer

Start immediately after payment!

Buy Now!

... And not only do you get these 3 amazing tools, but we'll also chuck in 10 Backing Tracks worth another $9.95!

$223.80 value

With free updates for life!

What more could you want?


guitar methods trilogy



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Alternatively you can buy the products individually:

Lead Guitar Techniques

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Finger Trainer

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